President Trump RESPONDS To Wisconsin Removing Over 200,000 Voters From Rolls

Things don’t look really good in Wisconsin

As you may remember, Wisconsin removed over 200,000 voters from voter rolls. The mainstream media ignore this information. You all know why…

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This leads us all the way to Georgia and the drop in numbers.

Joe Biden stole the election. It’s so obvious! There’s evidence everywhere.

President Donald Trump took notice of this and his statement is here. He couldn’t ignore this…

The Hill wrote that 205,000 voters were erased from Wisconsin’s voter rolls:

Voter registrations for more than 205,000 Wisconsin residents have been deactivated after a routine effort by the state to keep voter rolls up to date.

Deactivating voter registrations in Wisconsin is a routine practice, required by law every two years, as part of the state’s voter record maintenance, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The effort identifies individuals who have not voted in the previous four years and deactivates their registrations unless they want to remain on voter rolls.

A spokesperson for the commission told The Hill that none of the voters removed from rolls cast ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

The Associated Press has the following:

The commission on Saturday also deactivated 31,854 registrations of voters who may have moved and didn’t respond to a mailing. The commission mailed postcards during the summer of 2019 to more than 230,000 voters identified by the Electronic Registration Information Center as having possibly moved.

The commission voted that summer not to deactivate them until after the April 2021 election to give them several chances to affirm they hadn’t moved.

That stance prompted a lawsuit from a conservative law firm, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, demanding the commission remove those voters within 30 days if they didn’t respond to the mailing. The state Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the commission wasn’t required to remove voters within that window.

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