President Trump Just Put The Fear Of God Into Nancy Pelosi, And She Did A 360 In About An Hour

Trump still frightens Pelosi!

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Maybe the social media banned Trump, but his power over Pelosi doesn’t have borders!

Only hours after Trump went after Nancy Pelosi can call her shifty stock trading forced her to be banned from trading individual stocks, the House Speaker bucked and stated she is open to considering a ban on stock trading by Congress members.

That was quick!

Newsmax shared that Pelosi stated, “If members want to do that, I’m OK with that.”

In December, Pelosi was asked about the stock trades at a press conference, and she said, “We’re a free-market economy.”

Newsmax reported that Pelosi made $30 million on the Big Tech stocks. She has amassed a net worth of $40 million and $252 million, and her family invested millions in call options.

Instead of looking into J6, the American people said that it would much prefer we open the books and look into Pelosi’s stock portfolio and see what she has been doing to get so much money.

In 2020, they stated that Pelosi would weigh up to 120 million. We need limits to keep these vultures at bay.

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