President Trump Causes All-Out Pandemonium Online With Just 4 Little Words…

President Donald Trump smashed them

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And he had a really good reason to do that.

The former President didn’t say much about the January 6 riots. He doesn’t like to disturb supporters with his theories and accusations. Truth always finds its way out. Trump is busy working on his next campaign. He is too busy to deal with Nancy Pelosi and her gang.

A few simple words can fuel the fire. Trump doesn’t want us to struggle and worry.

The former President knows how to communicate with his supporters. He knows how to address top issues, too. The man is a true leader and he can control the narrative. Trump knows how to handle Democrats and the mainstream media.

Trump’s supporters won’t remain silent. Decent Americans have been really vocal about what happened at the Capitol. They know what didn’t happen at the Capitol.

We have so many questions about the riots. Who killed the unarmed Trump supporter? Ashli Babbit lost her life that day.

People wanted Trump to support Babbit. Well, he did that.

Trump did that with four simple words. People took notice of this and the Internet went on fire.

“Who shot Ashli Babbit?”

Simple as that…

Here’s what people wrote online:

“Why does America not have the RIGHT to KNOW what Cop shot an unarmed woman? If you don’t identify the Capital Police officer who shot her in cold blood, then NO POLICE DEPARTMENT SHOULD EVER DISCLOSE THE SAME INFORMATION. You don’t get to have it both ways BIG GOVT.”

“It would also be nice if they told us who planted the pipe bombs around the Capitol building, as well.”

“We would like to know why she lost her life. She was unarmed. No warning issued by the man that shot her. She had no choice to surrender.”

“Who Shot Ashli Babbitt?!! Trending #1 Have you noticed President Trump doesn’t have to be on twitter to be on twitter-probably a bigger presence now.”

“We have a right to kmow who shot her. When a black criminal is shot we instantly know the name of the officer involved.”

“I am glad to see Trump talk about this.”

“It was probably one of Mike Pence’s security guys who did it”

“Thank you, President Trump, her family deserves to know and so does all of America.”

“You know this is a sore, sore spot with the communist left because right they’re out in full-force trashing Ms. Babbitt’s name, like the gutter filth they are.”

“Wow Trump just woke up a very sleepy and boring internet with that question lol”

“Trump is so powerful that he asks one question and the entire county stops and focuses on it. Do you think Diaper Joe could do that? lmao”

“Now that Trump asked this, watch how insanely big this story blows up.”

Democrats put the whole thing under the rug. Some of them even spat on her grave and said she deserved it.


What else would you expect from a bunch of Swamp monsters? These people would gladly cover up the whole thing.

We don’t know what happened to the poor woman. Her murder is wrapped in a mystery.

We need ANSWERS!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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