President Trump Calls For Arizona Gov. Ducey To Deploy National Guard Immediately To Provide Security For Audit

Donald Trump’s recent statement is a shocker

The former President released a statement to expose all the dirty things Democrats did recently. He emphasized the importance of the Arizona audit. This is an emergency! According to the former President, Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey has to provide “large scale security” for the Brave American Patriots doing the forensic audit of the presidential election.

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Trump provided more details and his claim is definitely a shocker. He believes that Gov. Ducey should send the police or National Guard troops to the site. They have to secure the audit otherwise Democrats will get away with their lies.

Yes, Trump is well aware of all the bad things Democrats did in the past.  He knows that they will try to do the same now. Nancy Pelosi and people like her will do their best to stop the audit. This audit will dig out all the dirt Joe Biden did in November.

America needs this audit. Americans need this audit. They know the truth.

Democrats filed a lawsuit to stop the audit in Arizona. Guess what… They failed to do so.

Here’s what Trump said in his statement:

NBC 12 News has more details on the Arizona audit:

A major political dispute over the results of last year’s presidential election in Maricopa County is developing, but, for now, the audit sponsored by the Arizona State Senate Republicans will continue.

A Maricopa County judge ordered a pause after state Democrats filed a lawsuit to block the audit.

The pause would have been from 5 p.m. Friday until noon Monday, but the Arizona Democratic Party will not post the $1 million bond as requested by the judge.

Maricopa County delivered the first shipment of ballot-counting machines Wednesday for Arizona Senate Republicans’ audit, but only after the Senate agreed to shield the county from any legal or financial liability connected to the audit, according to documents obtained by 12 News.

Watch the Arizona audit on The website has the official live stream for this audit.

Trump was right this whole time. He knew what Democrats were up to. They have done this before.

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