President Trump Back Soon? “You’re Going To Be VERY Happy!”

Is he coming back?

Former President Donald Trump keeps teasing us with his potential return. Americans are impatient. Joe Biden turned the United States into a circus and Trump has to come back before it’s too late.

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Will Trump come back in a couple of years? It feels like he is about to return. We can feel it in the air today…

We have covered several similar stories in the past period. That’s not all. We saved the best for last.

The former President used every opportunity to connect with supporters. He gives a speech every other day. To be honest, we really missed his public appearance. Seeing him take the stage again feels really good. It gives us hope. Hope for a better tomorrow.

So, in a recent speech, one of the ladies in the crowd screamed, “We need you back now!”

President Trump stopped talking, made a break, and responded.

“You’re going to be VERY happy!”

What does this mean? People started talking about his potential return. Oh, we really want him back in the Oval Office. Trump is our leader.

Maybe he will come back in 2022. Maybe we will see him take the main stage in 2024.

Well, we have at least one good reason to believe that Trump will return sooner than expected. His confidence says it all. He looks like a winner.

Trump knows what he is talking about.

Watch one of his videos on Rumble and tell us what you think.

It’s a short video but it will definitely give you hope and joy. Democrats have been inside the White House for too long. We need a decent person to take the lead.

Someone like Donald Trump. He did an incredible job in the last four years. Maybe he will get another term. He needs to prevent Dems from stealing elections.

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