Popular Baltimore Talk Radio Host Shares Rumors He’s Hearing About Brian Stelter And Chris Cuomo

Juicy details about CNN story involving Stelter and Cuomo.

Derek Hunter, the famous radio host out of Baltimore, has some insider scuttlebutt about the CNN latest information. It involves Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter.

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We all know that Cuomo was outed because he helped his brother fight against the sexual harassment charges that the NY AG declared he was guilty of.

From the emails, Cuomo shared one statement for his brother.

According to one of Cuomo’s accusers, he used his position to smear her on behalf of his brother.

The crying for Cuomo’s fire was too loud that he went on a vacation.

Simultaneously, Brian Stelter defended his network’s handling of the Cuomo mess, and the rumor was that he wanted Chris booted.

Below you can read what Dereck Hunter said:

“I’ve heard that privately @brianstelter is telling friends & some colleagues he thinks @CNN needs to let @ChrisCuomo go, he’s too damaged to do his job anymore. But @CNNPR and management don’t want to give “right-wing media a victory” so they’ll stand with him no matter what.”

It is spot-on!

We can see that Cuomo has to go, and the ignoramus Stelter sees that! However, I think that CNN would keep him, and no other but them would win.

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