Politico Sounds The Alarm After Republicans “Roar Back To Life” In Democrat Strongholds

Politico has reported that the Republicans’ success in the blue strongholds represents the cause for the Dems to ring the alarm.

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“Largely overlooked amid the party’s dismal suburban results in Virginia and New Jersey last week, Republicans regained ground in the vote-rich Philly suburbs after years of losses under Trump,” reported Politico. “The GOP flipped multiple row offices in populous Bucks County, carried a state Supreme Court race there, and even came close to winning seats on the county council in Delaware County, where Biden romped by nearly 30 points in 2020.”

Politico isn’t factoring in any potential shady election business, and we will talk about that in some other article.

Read some part of Politico’s report:

“Pennsylvania will be home to highly competitive House, Senate and gubernatorial races in next year’s midterm elections — and the GOP’s local comeback here shows that Democrats’ newfound shakiness among suburban voters reaches far deeper than one or two states.

“This November was an early insight into what Democrats could be facing in the suburbs in 2022,” said Dan Sena, former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The suburbs have become much more competitive for Democrats than they have been in the last two elections, and provide opportunities for Republicans to make gains.”

Though district attorney, sheriff and judicial races that took place across Pennsylvania didn’t garner much attention nationally, political insiders view them as virtually as important as Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s victory farther down Interstate 95.

From April to October, Biden’s approval rating fell 14 points among suburban voters in Pennsylvania, according to surveys by Morning Consult. Biden’s favorability saw similar drops in the swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida.”

The Dems will fall in the 2022 midterms!

The GOP will reign again!

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