Police Shut Down Church During Service For Violating COVID-19 Rules

In the middle of the service, the First Grace Life Church of Edmonton was shut down, and Pastors James Coates and Artur Pawloski were arrested. Now, Aylmer’s Church of God was also shut down.

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The three incidents took place in Canada, and it is an indicator that the Northern neighbors use COVID-19 restrictions to persecute Christians.

The last Church shut down happened at Aylmer’s Church of God, Ontario, Canada. However, how the police closed the Church was rude!

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt was giving a message to the congregation, and suddenly police entered the Church and told everyone to leave the building.

Once the Church was empty, it was locked, and the Church has to pay a fine of 35,000 dollars.

Timothy 3:12: “Yea, and all who will live a godly life in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

CBC News covered the story.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Bruce Thomas has ordered that locks be put on the exterior doors of Aylmer’s Church of God, which has repeatedly ignored COVID-19 public gathering rules and encouraged others to do the same.

Thomas said his decision will serve to set an example to the church and other people in the province who are contemplating breaking rules under Ontario law.

Thomas also fined the church $35,000, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt $10,000 and Assistant Pastor Peter Wall $3,000.

‘Cauldron of hostility’ bubbles in Aylmer, Ont., as judge mulls locking pandemic-defiant church’s doors
Ontario churches’ charter challenge of pandemic lockdown measures set for court in September
The church, Hildebrandt and Wall were found in contempt of court in April for defying a court order to stop in-person services to meet COVID-19 restrictions. The last few Sundays, the congregation inside the church numbered up to 200, with no one wearing a mask or following physical distancing rules.

Hildebrandt has broadcast his sermons on YouTube and Facebook in a public display of defiance, the judge said.

This location has been the crucible of the contemptuous activity. This place is part of the fabric of their lives, but these regulations were put in place to protect the community and to save lives.

“This location has been the crucible of the contemptuous activity,” Thomas said Friday morning. “This place is part of the fabric of their lives, but these regulations were put in place to protect the community and to save lives.”

Church of God is one of several churches in Canada that are challenging the constitutionality of public health orders that prohibit gatherings, including religious services. Those will be heard in October.

Global News reported:

A church in Aylmer, Ont., known for defying COVID-19 restrictions will be forced to temporarily lock its doors while the church itself, as well as its pastor and assistant pastor, face $48,000 in fines and $69,000 in legal costs.

On Friday, Justice Bruce Thomas read his decision on a contempt ruling against the Church of God from April 30.

The contempt ruling was found after Thomas had reviewed evidence that included a livestream of a service held on April 25 that featured nearly 100 participants without masks or social distancing.

Since the contempt ruling, two more services were livestreamed by the church, on May 2 and on Sunday.

Thomas ruled on Friday that the Church of God will be locked until gathering orders change to permit a capacity of 30 per cent or more, at which time the respondents can bring the matter back to court to “define what, if any, restrictions to access continue to apply.”

Interim access will be granted for necessary inspections, maintenance and repairs with assistance from Aylmer police.

In a statement released Friday evening, the police service said congregants inside the church on Friday left after the court order was read out. The locks were changed by a locksmith Friday evening.

Take a look at the point when the police broke into the Church. You can skip to the 3-minute mark to the police entering.

What is your opinion on this? How much time remains until the police shut down all the Churches?

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