Police Are Posting Hilarious Videos Destroying LeBron James!

I always knew that something isn’t right in LeBron James! I never liked him anyway.

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‘’King my ass’’! He cannot even compare with Jordan and Kobe’s jockstrap!

James is a whiney, petulant little brat who doesn’t have a killer instinct when we talk about basketball.

Shorty said we could frame him as the anti-Mike and anti-Kobe.

But, all that was before he got into the waters of politics. I didn’t like him before, and now I can’t stand him.

However, everyone loves comedy and satire.

Americans started making videos, mocking the King, and how LeBron is telling the politicians how they should do their job.

Maybe it seems unbelievable, but the police don’t like mediocre basketball players, especially if he tells them how to do their jobs.

Moreover, that is the reason why they started making hilarious videos.

Perfect! Hopefully, the police around the country will make more!

Another one:

Maybe it is time to remind you about one awesome video of Bronny getting owned by some woman in the stands.

No one likes you, Bron!

You should take your talents to some other place.

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