Pilot Flies Family Home After They Were Kicked Off Flight For Not Wearing Mask

You will read a story about a Good Samaritan.

One family was expelled from their Southwest Airlines flight heading to Austin because the two-year-old son removed his mask.

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Once they left the flight, the family shared the sad story on Facebook, so the help arrived immediately.

James Peck is a pilot who has a private plane. He heard about the event and transported the family from Denver to Austin.

There, the family shouldn’t have to wear a mask, really great!

We were glad to hear such a refreshing story and that someone helped the family! Peck didn’t condemn them. Instead, he helped the family.

Fox 7 News shared a report, revealing more details.

”A family posted a Facebook video after they were kicked off their flight to Austin because their two-year-old child was not wearing his mask. A local pilot who heard the Harvey family’s story and stepped up to help with his private plane.

Erik Harvey, his wife Michelle, and their two-and-a-half-year-old son Jackson were all set to fly from Denver to Austin through Southwest Airlines on April 1st. Being very aware of the federal mask mandate for all flight customers over the age of 2, the Harvey family knew they had to get their son used to wearing his mask before their departure.

Erik Harvey’s 18-minute-long Facebook video on their experience received over 1,000 views. One of those viewers included an old family friend named James Peck, who is also a pilot.

“I have a family of my own, and it’s not impossible to get your kids to be awesome on a flight, but to get them to be able to keep a mask on the entire time has its challenges,” said Peck.

Peck has been a pilot for about seven years. After watching the video, he decided he was going to help this family. “I knew that I could use that as a great excuse to go take a flight and help them out and get them here.””

From the beginning of the pandemic, every week, we hear a similar event, where entire families are expelled from the flight because the children don’t want to wear masks.

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