“PIECE OF SH*T”: Kamala Harris Tweet Stokes Massive Backlash

She is a horrible person

Americans deserve much better than this. Democrats stole the elections to gain more power. But, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris used the opportunity to destroy our tradition. Zero morals.

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and Harris was supposed to deliver a thoughtful message. However, she wished everyone a lovely weekend. That’s all.

What did Biden do? He enjoyed his ice cream.

As if this wasn’t enough, Harris shared a photo of her. She forgot that people don’t like to see her face.

Democrats really hate us. They hate our history and tradition.  This leads us all the way to Barrack Hussein and Killary. Easter Worshippers?

Well, we are “Christ worshippers.” We are “Jesus followers.” We are Christians.

Americans don’t celebrate a “long weekend.” They celebrate the lives and the accomplishment of our brothers and sisters who lost their lives for the country. These people defend us and our history.

Kamala ignores this and enjoys her days off.


Here’s what real Americans had to say about this:

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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