Photo Of Jill Biden Working At The “President’s Desk” Sparks Massive Outrage

What’s she up to?

Joe Biden is not our President. The man stole the elections in November and he doesn’t deserve that spot in the Oval Office. Democrats did their best to put him in the White House. They forget that Biden can’t answer simple questions. He can’t even hold a speech.

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That’s not all. Biden lets his wide work at his desk. This is just too much for us…

Why is she sitting in the President’s seat? Here’s more… Jill was also prepping for the G7 conference.

First ladies don’t do this.

Former first lady Melania didn’t do this for her husband.

The photo of Jill sparked major discussion and people are frustrated.

“I wonder how much prep Melania did for the G7?”

“Go spend some time with your racist son” 

“what the hell do you have to do with any of this, Jill?”

“Don’t recall you being installed or appointed to any position that would require G7 prep work.”

“Why is an unelected first lady and community college teacher “prepping for the G7” on air force one?”

“Shouldn’t the big guy be preparing, or is he napping?”

“Doing Joe’s homework again Jill??

“Is Joey taking a nap???”

We are fed up with this…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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