Photo Of A Giddy Alec Baldwin With Stacey Abrams At Swanky Event Last Night, Raises Serious Questions

These things can’t be made up.

What you will see here are the most disgusting clown world things!

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Clown world is the Twilight Zone we currently live in! Here, men are women, and women are men… everything is upside down!

Last Night, in New York City, the Kennedy Center honored Baldwin with a humanitarian award. He’s the man who called his daughter a pig and the one who attacked the reporters and punched an N.Y.C. citizen on a parking space. He is the same person who shot and killed the woman on the set of the movie Rust!

Stacey Abrams was there, and Harris was the keynote speaker.

Everything there is fake!

Breitbart reported that Alec Baldwin hosted the annual gala for the R.F.K. Human Rights Center this Thursday evening, and Harris was the main speaker.

Baldwin made the first formal public appearance since the accident happened. He hasn’t been charged with any crimes until now, but he faces many lawsuits over the shooting and could face prosecution.

Check this out:

The image of happy Alec Baldwin made us ask many questions, particularly after his wife’s statement that he struggled with severe PTSD.

From the image, we can see from other perspectives claiming something else.

Here are the online comments:

“Is the photographer who took the picture still alive?” 

“How is this man not on house arrest while under investigation for shooting two people, one fatally?”

“Looks like he’s got that new “PTSD” under control” 

“If I had recently killed someone I don’t think I would be in the mood for fine dining and laughing no matter if it was an accident or not.”

“If it was literally anyone else, he’d be in jail right now awaiting his trial.”

“Is it just me or is Alec Baldwin looking like a poor man’s George Soros?”

“Stacy Abrams who also has problems with admitting things that actually happened”

“That PTSD must be taking a break”

“I bet the husband of his victim is happy for him too”

“Alec is just sitting there shooting the breeze” 

“she was standing…about where you are”

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