Pharma Profits, Vaccinated Mothers’ Babies Suffer: Neonatal Deaths, Fetal Malformations, Failure To Thrive [VIDEOS]

Joe Biden continued his plans

The Biden administration offers a third round of free coronavirus tests for American households. Biden’s WH delivered over 350 million tests across the nation.

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In March, the Biden administration presented the $22.5 billion coronavirus proposal to Congress. These money were supposed to be spent on treatments, testing, and a controversial COVID-19 drug.

The WH pushes for more funding and Dr. Naomi Wolf admitted that the drug has caused lactation issues in moms and sudden deaths of babies.

Dr. Wolf spoke with Steve Bannon on The War Room, and said, “So what’s happened, unfortunately, is that in Scotland, there’s an investigation the second time into a wave of neonatal newborn baby deaths that are almost double what the baseline is. And you all know that I’ve called your attention to the Department of Defense database that was released by a whistleblower represented by Tom Renz that shows fetal malformations up 80% among pregnant soldiers. So the reason I’m bringing this up today is that the BBC, which took $55 million in Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money to lie, is lying and quoting spokesmodels saying, ‘Oh, this has nothing to do with the vaccines. The vaccines are safe and effective for pregnant women.’”

Watch the video on Rumble.

American mothers have to deal with lactation issues and shortages of baby formula.

According to the doctor, “Well, the Pfizer documents and the volunteers have conclusively proven that the vaccines are harmful to pregnant women and that there are Neonatal, meaning newborn deaths, in the Pfizer documents and in the VEARS system subsequent to mothers getting vaccinated, and also that lactation, and I want to credit project manager Amy Kelly for finding this when I asked her to do a search of lactation, breastfeeding, newborn deaths, neonatal deaths, she found that Pfizer defined exposure to the vaccine as breastfeeding lactation is one of the exposures.”

COVID-19 killed one million people in the US. Creepy Joe said, “As a nation, we must not grow numb to such sorrow. To heal, we must remember. We must remain vigilant against this pandemic and do everything we can to save as many lives as possible, as we have with more testing, vaccines, and treatments than ever before. It’s critical that Congress sustain these resources in the coming months.”

The full video is available here.

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