Pfizer Gets Brutalized After Posting What Many Call An Extremely “Creepy” Meme About “Science”

Pfizer posted a creepy meme

No, this is not the best way to comfort people… Pfizer is in a terrible situation despite the fact that the FDA approved their jab.

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The company is now trying to comfort people about the “misinformation.”

How can they even think of making jokes about “wild conspiracy theories”?

Misinformation? Just take a look at the people inside the White House.

A man went on CNN town hall and told people that COVID-19 jabs will help them keep the virus away.

Keep in mind htat Pfizer disabled the comments and people were unable to comment under their disturbing meme. Are they afraid of the truth?

“It’s easy to get distracted by misinformation these days, but don’t worry…Science has got your back. ”

What about the sharp knife in their hands?

Here’s what people said online:

“I am once again calling for seizing the assets of Pfizer and jailing all of its board members”

“Isn’t this the company that produced Chantix? It was approved by the FDA in 2006. 15 years later production was halted due to it being unsafe. 15 YEARS!!!”

“Creepy meme – and of course, Pfizer turned off the replies.”

“This is a cult” 

“Here’s an idea, blocking the ability to reply to a tweet and threatening your critics with imprisonment maybe isn’t the best way of instilling confidence in “science.””

“One day #Pfizer will learn that ‘safety’ is not a conspiracy.”

“Is it a “wild conspiracy theory” that vaccine manufacturers like @pfizer
have legal immunity from all medical prosecutions if their “safe” product causes life threatening side-effects and/or death? What does “Science” have to say about culpability?”

“Gotta hand it to Pfizer: ‘Science’ sodomizing the human brain is pretty accurate.”

“The difference between the truth and conspiracy theories is about 6 months”

“Big pharma can’t meme”

“I checked with Science and he says your company is a cataclysm of political corruption and ethical horrors beyond reckoning and also that your memes suck.”

“Hey @pfizer, if you baby killers are so confident that your vaccines are safe, why do you need immunity from any civil lawsuits brought forth due to its side-effects?”

“We hear “misinformation” from everyone you’ve paid. CDC, WHO, FDA, social media, commercials. But don’t worry. Enough of us are spreading truth without fear. Fitting that you have “science” portrayed as a predator in pursuit of children.”

“Why turn off the comments? Truth doesn’t have to hide”

“Ultimate cringe”

“Can I get a vaccine against terrible big pharma memes?” 

“Was “Science” able to save the lives of all those Nigerian children when Pfizer conducted illegal trials of Trovan in the mid-90’s? Or all the people killed by a defective artificial heart valve product in the 80’s?”

“Pfizer wants you to believe that vaccine injuries are a conspiracy theory, while they grew 3Q21 revenues by an astounding 134% from this same period last year.”

Some people even “fixed” the meme:

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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