People Comment On Lloyd Austin’s Elaborate COVID Face Mask After He Tests Positive For The Virus

Many vaccinated people got C-19 now, and it seems that only they are testing positive for the virus.

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Biden told the Americans that if they are vaccinated, they can’t catch C-19.

But, we can see that double and triple jabbed test positive, proving that Biden shared misinformation. The good news is that most of them will be okay. C-19 virus has a 99.8% survival rate among healthy individuals. Also, it causes mild symptoms if infected.

Now, a high-profile person catches C-19—Biden’s Secretary of State Lloyd Austin.

He is vaccinated and was constantly wearing face gear. People were shocked to hear that he got the virus.

This is the mask he was wearing.

It’s an impressive face mask! It’s a dystopian society, and after respecting all the restrictions, he still got the virus.

These are the online comments.

“He looks like a character out of Spaceballs.”

“Darth Vader got COVID”

“But this idiots is firing our unvaxxed soldiers!

“Another vaccine fool bites the dust..”

“The Russians infected him. This means war!”

“I hate to laugh at someone’s calamity but jeez he’s making it hard”

“He should take booster 4,5,6 all together to see if it helps”

“I guess that HUGE mask did not work to well for you, Sir”

”maybe he can give that useless mask to the Taliban, he gave them everything else”

“I wish him a quick recovery and let him resign his post immediately. Do the right thing.”

“But… but…the vaccine?….I’m so confused”

We are confused by the mixed signals about the pandemic. Biden said that he would beat the virus, but he even spread the pandemic!

When he saw that the vaccines weren’t working, why did he still fire the unvaccinated hospital staff?

Nothing of this makes any sense.

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