Pence Is Being Replaced – Guess By Whom!

In case Donald Trump runs for the 2024 Presidential elections, one famous Republican nominee comes to my mind as a potential running mate!

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Two aides very close to Trump showed that Trump wants to choose a strong woman as a potential VP nominee.
Jennifer Jacobs led the Bloomberg story and said that Trump is determined to run for president in 2024. But, Trump’s advisors said that he needs to choose another person as Vice President, which shouldn’t be Mike Pence.

From the paper:
“Trump’s advisors have debated identifying a Black or female running mate for his next run,” and, “three people familiar with the matter said Pence is unlikely to be on the ticket.”

The former president of the U.S., in his CPAC speech, declared that he considers another run in 2024.

“This alone should be enough for Democrats to suffer crushing defeats in the midterm elections and to lose the White House decisively four years from now,”

“Who knows?” I’m thinking of beating them a third time.”

Regarding another part of his speech, Trump shared a hint at a possible White House offer in 2024.

“After that, a Republican president would return to the White House triumphantly. And I’m curious as to who it would be.”

We ask the same question: Who will be the best person as a Vice President if Trump wins?

Mike Pence shared his opinion saying that there are serious concerns regarding the fairness of the 2020 Election.
We also ask if the timing of this opinion piece is affected by political considerations.

It is a tricky question! But one thing is for sure; Mike Pence is trying to secure his position among Trump sympathizers.

The question remains: Who will be the best Vice President candidate in 2024 if Trump runs for president?

Tim Scott, South Caroline Senator, as the only Black Republican in the United States Senate, is the potential nominee for Vice President in 2024. – shared Bloomberg.

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