Pelosi’s Daughter’s Attempt To Humiliate DeSantis Ends Up With Harsh Attack On Her Due To Her Mother’s Stupidity

Her choice to criticize DeSantis was her worst decision ever!

Pelosi’s daughter attempted to humiliate the senator and this be in the middle of the press attention via her Twitter account, but everything ended up to her disadvantage instead!

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Like a boomerang!

Namely, DeSantis keeps the leftist frightened with his amazing skills and wisdom.

Therefore, they keep attacking him with the situation with the pandemic.

Yet, the numbers are not in their favor!

There are even leftists who admit that he successfully controls things with the COVID-19 virus.

The deaths in Florida aren’t significantly higher than at the national level.

Plus, the unemployment rate here is 5.1%, in California is 8.7%, and in New York surpasses 8.7%, lastly in Texas is 6.9%.

Moreover, children in Florida go to school since last fall!

Yet, regardless of all these achievements, Christine Pelosi wrote:

Can’t she understand that the COVID situation doesn’t have to do with the spring break?

Stupidity runs in the family, it seems. Do you remember when,  last year, at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, her mother visited China Town, San Francisco, and advised the people to go to parties?

Fortunately, Trump’s supporters remember this and they slam it in Christine’s face!
See below:

Christine, we hope you will be wiser next time and think a bit before you write something this stupid!

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Source: American Conservatives 

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