Pelosi Takes Another Big Hit….What Nancy’s Selling, America Ain’t Buying…

Pelosi realized that her efforts to bamboozle the Americans aren’t working.

Nancy Pelosi, together with the Dems, are working hard to fool the Americans. Starting from the 2020 election to all these new virus variants are popping up to the ‘’armed January 6 insurrection’’, pretending Biden doesn’t have a raging case of Alzheimer’s. The Democrats are looking inside their bags full of political tricks to create a new story and fool the Americans.

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Their actions at this moment are showing how dramatic and desperate they are. Now, America has congressmen donating suits they wore on the Capitol Riot, January 6 to Smithsonian. I think that we can’t make up the absurd theatrics.

However, it isn’t working. America’s population is hip to the scam, and they won’t buy it!

Rasmussen shared that the voters aren’t interested in if Congress passes Biden’s infrastructure bull, and many think that Republicans could take back control of Congress in the 2022 midterm election.

One new national telephone and survey by Rasmussen Reports reveals that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters think that Republicans will take five seats that they need to regain control of the House of Representatives. Thirty percent of voted don’t believe that the GOP will regain control of the House next sure, and only ten percent shared that they weren’t sure.

Americans aren’t stupid people! Everyone is seeing what’s happening, and we can recognize ‘’propaganda.’’

The Dems could pull off these types of political snow jobs in the 90s when even social media wasn’t so popular.

But now, information is shared, and the timing is hit! The CIA propaganda harms the most significant harm, and the majority can see the polarization, the loss of Dems are losing and cannot retain their power.

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