Pelosi Accused Of Trying To Steal Election! Breathtaking Answer!

On ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Pelosi was accused of stealing an election. The interview on Sunday morning transformed into an Iowa House race, decided in favor of the Republicans by a minor six votes.

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Stephanopoulos said:

“We’re going to Iowa’s second Congressional district,”
“The GOP Congresswoman Marjorie [sic] Miller-Meeks won a razor-close election. The votes were counted, recounted, certified by the state.”

Firstly, Rep. Jim Jordan wrote a tweet regarding this voting and said:

“But the House Administration Committee began a process this week that could lead to unseating the Congresswoman. That has Republicans accusing you of hypocrisy, including Jim Jordan. He put out this tweet…”

“Speaker Pelosi says she’s open to unseating Republican Congresswoman Miller-Meeks. Translation: You’re only allowed to object to an election if you’re a Democrat.”

Secondly, Stephanopoulos asked why we should investigate an election that the state certificated it?

Pelosi had an answer; read it below.

“Well, it’s six votes,”
“There were six votes. And our candidate, Rita Hart, a Democratic candidate, asked for this process to begin.”
“What the committee did, the House Administration Committee, was very narrow,”
“To take the process to the next step and see where it goes from there.”
“An election, six votes out of 400,000 votes cast,”
“This is not unique. This has happened even when you were in the Capitol before when races have been close one side or the other saying, ‘let’s take it to the House.’
“Because even Justice Scalia agreed that the House has the authority to seat members and therefore, we can count the votes,”
“Six votes out of 400,000.”

The full answer was, simply, breathtaking!

Thank you, Pelosi, for your exhausting words. You shouldn’t have bothered yourself so much!

You are a big hypocrite!!!

Moreover, she just led an impeachment against Trump for purportedly creating an election, which he claimed to be “stolen.” Everything that Donald Trump did was due to process in very close election races, where the legal votes counted and illegal ones tossed out.

However, now, we have Pelosi trying to steal a certified election, and she abused her power to delegate to the House. Her excuse is “close election,” and Georgia and Arizona’s elections were!!!

Pelosi, try not to use the same brick you throw to Trump, to throw it to yourself!

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