Pastor Hank Kunneman Talks About His Prophecies That Have Recently Come To Pass!

The man has spoken

Pastor Hank Kunnenman brings us joy every time he makes a statement. We love him and really respect all the great things he does for the country.

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Well, there are always people who criticize him saying that “nothing he has said has come to pass.”

We are here to prove them wrong.

Here’s a video you don’t want to miss. Watch it carefully. If you want Donald Trump to come back, make sure you watch this video. All of it. We know a lot of you guys are already grumpy and fed up with the situation. Try to stay calm and hear this man speaking.

Pastor Hank is a good guy who is doing his best to give us hope. We need our old life back.

Enjoy the video:

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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