Parents In Minnesota Outraged As Schools Push Transgender Ideology On Kids As Young As Three Years Old

Parental watchdog group Parents Defending Education made a shocking revelation

They found that a school district in Minnesota indoctrinates kids aged 3+in transgender ideology. Children are given “pride” books and materials.

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Saint Paul Public Schools “partners with organizations that target toddlers with PRIDE resources and provide free ‘chest binders’ to transgender individuals,” as reported by Parents Defending Education.

These organizations are dubbed AMAZE and OutFront Minnesota.

According to Saint Paul Public Schools’ website for their “Office of Equity,” the AMAZE programs are made to “develop culturally responsive classrooms in which every student can learn about themselves and their peers while engaged in curriculum connected to reading and writing standards.”

So, students will have to learn “diversity themes” with topics like “gay lesbian and transgender family members.”

When it comes to AMAZE’s resource hub, there is a section for “PRIDE Resources – Book Lessons For Ages 3 And Up” and the books go deeper in the “territory.”

One of the books, “I Love My Colorful Nails” is about “a boy who loves to paint his nails different colors. One day at school, some boys start teasing him because they don’t think that boys should paint their nails. Let’s read to find out what happens to Ben and his colorful nails.”

“My Princess Boy” is “about a little boy who loves the color pink, sparkly things, and being a princess.”

The summary of “When Aidan Became a Brother” reads, “When Aidan was born, everyone thought he was a girl. When Aidan told his parents he felt more like a boy, they were responsive and fixed things in his life so they fit him better.”

OutFront Minnesota is one of the partners listed on the website. They support the program and also offer free “chest binders” to transgender kids.

Director of Outreach for Parents Defending Education, Erika Sanzi, says that trying to mask this content is “outlandish.”

“It is one thing to treat all students with the dignity they deserve; it is quite another to be so far out of your lane that you are partnering with outside organizations that think it is appropriate to engage toddlers in conversations about gender identity and sexual orientation,” Sanzi said.

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Source: Red Voice Media

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