PARAMEDIC HOSTAGE: Drugged & Vaxxed Against His WIll

America turned into a nightmare…

Living in the US is impossible…

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Stew Peters is here to expose their lies and give us the truth we’ve been seeking for this whole time. Peters talked about the COVID pandemic, the health system, and all those unexplained deaths.

Scott Quiner is safe for now. His story is actually one drop in the sea of problems.

“Dozens, hundreds, thousands of hospitals around this country have lost their minds in the grip of the Covid frenzy,” Stew Peters said Wednesday. “And it’s not just happening in blue or purple states. It’s happening in states that voted for Donald Trump by 30 points.”

On Wednesday, Machaela Hughes appeared on the show to talk about the experience her son Charles had as a paramedic at St. Mary’s Hospital in West Virginia. Her 33-year-old son was a first responder who ended up being taken hostage by the hospital.

“St. Mary’s then held Charles hostage in the ICU, which caused him to have a panic attack, increasing his heartbeat and making his breathing problems worse, which then gave the hospital an excuse to place him on a ventilator and dose him with Remdesivir,” she sadly spoke about her traumatizing experience.

“You are man, you are fallible, you’re not God,” Machaela Hughes told Stew Peters. “And he’s like ‘well I know that but he said if I don’t do this your son will die’ and I said ‘you have been telling me that he has been dying and is on death’s door for forty-something days now!’”

“We’re gonna stay involved with this and we’re gonna monitor this, Dr. Kahn needs to do the right thing- the whole world is watching,” Stew Peters told Machaela Hughes, pledging to apply the same social pressure that saved Scott Quiner’s life.

The video is available on Rumble.

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Source: The True Defender

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