Package Containing White Powder Sent To Senate President Karen Fann — Leftists Ramp Up Threats Against Fann AND Her Family Following Media Reports (VIDEO)

Western Journal interviewed AZ Senate President Karen Fann last week, and they spoke about the historic forensic audit of Maricopa County.

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Fann shared that she’s too tired and wants a retirement. Also, she announced that a third of her emails are vile hate. Evidently, her staff doesn’t prohibit the abusive mail, so Fann said the hatred is triggered when the liberal media start attacking.

The Fann family constantly receives death threats, and recently she got a package with white powder, which caused changes in the security.

Karen Fann:  “It’s escalated.  A couple of months ago was the white envelope.  We tested it and it was an antihistamine that somebody had ground up into a powder.  So it was somebody obviously who was not serious about that.   Yes, but I notice that the more the media ramps this up it does stir up a certain segment of the population…  There was an email last week that said something about my family should die, or something like that.  So I just turn it all over to DPS.  Now, remember this is a nationwide, slash worldwide, thing. So some of these threats are not coming from Arizona people.  One came from California, some came from other areas and for some it’s really hard to track down.”

I guess Karen Fann is under pressure, and her body language showed that she wants to leave!

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