Oxford University May Scrap Sheet Music For Being Complicit In ‘White Supremacy’

The University of Oxford to make a decision

Oxford considers proposals that would remove sheet music from the current curriculum amid claims that the Western form of musical notation is linked to “colonialism” and “complicity in white supremacy.”

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In 2020, there were mass BLM protests and riots in the UK. Music educators at Oxford University decided to join the wider iconoclastic movement.

The music department at Oxford received calls to remove music notation from the curriculum. Professors want to focus less on white European heritage and culture as reported by The Telegraph.

Educators claimed that musical notion is a “colonialist representational system” that has “complicity to white supremacy.” It’s similar to our situation. The far-left claims that mathematics is racist.

According to Oxford academics, teaching the piano or conducting orchestras may cause “students of color great distress” as the skills are linked to “white European music.” They add that the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and others is focused on “white European music from the slave period.”

It’s interesting to note that Western classical music predates the Atlantic slave trade, going all the way back to the medieval period.

Oxford also considers putting a heavy emphasis on “non-Eurocentric” musical traditions, including Hip-Hop and Jazz. This also includes “African and African Diasporic Musics” and “Global Musics.”

London mayoral candidate and Heritage Party leader David Kurten noted: “For goodness sake. Oxford is supposed to be one of our top Universities that promotes academic rigor and excellence. It should not be peddling woke nonsense like ‘classical music is racist and ‘sheet music is non-inclusive’”.

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Source: Breitbart

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