OUTRAGEOUS- Kids As Young As 5TH GRADE To Receive CONDOMS From Chicago Public Schools: ‘They Are Being Hypersexualized’

Sickening and insane! 

This week, on “The News & Why it Matters”, BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales, Jaco Booyens, and Eric July discussed the strange new policy passed by the Chicago Public School Board of Education.

Namely, it urges all schools to provide condoms for students as young as fifth grade, or approximately 10 years old!

The new CPS policy states that all schools teaching fifth grade and up, which includes all but a dozen of the more than 600 CPS schools, are obliged to provide condoms for students when they reopen in August.

Jaco said that children are being hypersexualized, adding that the Chicago Public School system also teaches comprehensive sex education starting as young as Kindergarten.

He continued:

“Listen to their wording. ‘We need to have children make healthy sexual decisions’. In Chicago, 5-year-olds are taught masturbation, so now fifth graders need condoms. Why? Because they are being hypersexualized. They’re now engaging in activity and conversation way prematurely. There’s not a child on the planet in fifth grade that can make ‘healthy sexual decisions.'”

Watch the video below for more:


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