Out Of Touch Democrats Exposed By One Question Asked To People On The Street – Hilarious Responses [VIDEO]

The Dems want gun control, abortion, and soaring gas prices; that’s why Biden is in the WH sleeping like a baby.

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It has been all about the J6 committee and the incident at Capitol Hill. Two years have passed since the incident happened, but the Dems have used their opportunity to promote the narrative that protesters wanted to overthrow the American government.

Some of the protesters were labeled as domestic terrorists.

In the video below, you can hear Fox News’ Jesse Watters detailing how the Democrats have politicized the events around January 6.

Pelosi, the House Speaker, said, “We don’t just do one thing around here. We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We do that every day. The manifestation of it now is the January 6 committee, and I’m very proud of how they have conducted themselves, but we never take our eye off the ball, off the kitchen table issues for America’s working families. What unifies Democrats the most is our concern for America’s working families, we’re here for the kitchen table, not the boardroom table. Boardroom table, gouge, boardroom table exploit.”

Watters confessed, “The truth is there’s nothing else for Nancy to talk about besides January 6 because every other day of the year is a reminder of how bad the Democrats have governed. Do any Americans care about January 6?”

Americans need answers for:

“all the crime going on”
“gas prices”
“Inflation has gone crazy”
“Monkeypox” (which is currently being renamed)

Detailing how these issues are affecting them, Americans stated:

“I’ve been taking more public transportation and then driving my car.”
“now I definitely would rather just walk anywhere I need to get to”
“I have to find another job”

Watters shared what the Dems are doing: “House Democrats this week are tackling something that affects maybe a half dozen people in America. They’re going to refurbish the bathrooms on Capitol Hill to be gender-neutral. I guarantee you this will cost a fortune and will be used by a maximum of 10 people. So let me explain this to you, at the Capitol, they have bathrooms that say men and bathrooms that say, women. This apparently is a big problem for Congress. So they will be building a third bathroom on every floor. And they will be used by people who have transitioned from male to female, or from female to male, or by people that don’t identify as either male or female. In other words, barely anybody will use them.”

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