Opinion: Desperate And Unpopular Joe Biden Unleashes His Newest “Big Lie” To Reboot His Failed “Presidency”

The Big Lie helps them move on with the plans

Authoritarians, Nazis, Soviets, and pretty much every other villain used it to gain full control over the people.

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Democrats have been using it since forever. They supported it the idea of owning other people. Dems used it in Jim Crow, in the Great Society’s boast that racism could be gone forever.

Democrats rely on lies. These lies help them gain power. This leads us all the way to the border Patrol.

There are so many shocking photos from the border and we have a few good reasons to believe that Border Patrol agents “do things differently.”

Now we have our Democrat “friends” telling a different story.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other people like them say suspects are treated like slaves. Well, slaves tried to run away. Haitians did the opposite. They did their best to enter the country. I guess Dems will always rely on the “skin color thing” to proceed with their plans.

Democrats use politics as a war to install their regime. We could all agree that they are poorly educated criminals who follow the wrong script.

“We can now add another to the list, the Border Patrol whip. We’ve all seen the pictures,” David Kamioner wrote. “Even the man who took the shot said he never saw anyone being whipped. The photographic evidence is overwhelming, blatantly so, that the Border Patrol agents were merely using their reins. But that doesn’t stop the Democrats from claiming otherwise and in such deploying another of their Big Lies, maybe their biggest these days, the race card.

We’re hearing from Biden, Harris, and all the usual suspects that the picture is reminiscent of how slaves were treated. However, slaves were trying to run away. The Haitians in question were doing the opposite. They were trying to get in. It doesn’t matter. Democrats took one look at the skin color of the Haitians and were off to the races, to spark a pun. Press lapdogs are following in the Democrat wake.”

Republicans are nothing like Biden’s friends. They are normal people with normal jobs and dreams. They would never sell their soul to you know who. Republicans respect family values and tradition.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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