One Smart Trump Supporter Just Figured Out How The Taliban Backed Joe Into A “No-Win” Corner

Trump supporters realized the trick that the Taliban used to play Joe Biden like a fiddle.

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With this Afghanistan situation happened, Biden shared the red line date of 8/31 to finish the withdrawal.
Biden didn’t realize that the 20-year-trained Army would fold like a suit, so his 8/31 date was touted left and right. At this moment, we are only a couple of days away from August 31, and we have our citizens trapped behind enemy lines, and now that number is more than 10K.

However, the number is enormous, and with ISIS reportedly near the Airport now, shootings, stampedes, and fires, the Kabul US Embassy told Americans not to get any near the Airport.

The Airport is in chaos, regardless of the Biden admin’s attempt to tell us.

The Biden administration announced that they want to prolong the deadline for withdrawal as if they were the initiators of the shots.

Taliban appeared and destroyed Biden!

They are the leaders now and dictate to our administration. And now it is even worse with the mouthy Taliban spokesperson spouting off.

Terrorism has a political flow, and everything is against Biden, so he can’t run away.

One Trump supporter realized everything and shared it with the public.

“Taliban’s red line puts Joe in a pickle optically, and the Taliban knows this. Joe got outplayed again. If we are not out by the 31st, there will be conflict. If we are out by the 31st, it will look like Joe was scared. This is really pretty funny.”

Biden is outplayed by 600 AD terrorists, but it’s terrible that the Americans are endangered. No matter how much we hate Biden, but we don’t want America to suffer. Taliban actions are showing how weak our country is!

No one wanted this situation to flow in this direction! It’s ineptitude, arrogance, and dementia that created this image.

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