One Conservative Is Terrifying Liberals More Than Trump And DeSantis Combined…And They Just Admitted Why

We all thought that no one could scare the democrats more than Trump and DeSantis. These two are boogeymen the left focuses on the most. Also, the left used these two leaders to threaten the base and fundraise much money on them. They are a goldmine for the leftists.

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But, you must know that someone else fears them even more than Trump and DeSantis.

Who is the masked man?

Dan Bongino! The leftists confessed why he was the most dangerous of all for them.

Don Surber shared an excellent piece on this issue, and I suggest you read it entirely.

This is a short part.

The New Yorker did a 9,000-word profile on Dan Bongino. It’s not what he says that bothers them. It is what he does.

Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters for America, is scared.

The nut of the piece is this paragraph.

In the long run, Bongino’s most significant impact may not come from what he says on his broadcasts. “My goal is for my content to be the least interesting thing I did,” he told me. He has used his money and his influence to foster technology startups, such as Parler, Rumble, and AlignPay, that are friendly to right-wing views. These companies are intended to withstand traditional pressure campaigns, including advertising boycotts like the one that Media Matters prompted in 2019, based on old radio interviews in which the Fox host Tucker Carlson described women as “extremely primitive” and Iraqis as “monkeys.” Carusone said, “What scares me about Bongino is that this guy could end up owning or controlling or directly building the infrastructure that operationalizes a whole range of extremism.” He continued, “There used to be lines. You could say, ‘O.K., PayPal, don’t let the January 6th people recruit money to pay for buses.’ This new alternative infrastructure is not going to stop that.” If another uprising organizes online, he said, “there will be a whiplash effect. Everyone will say, ‘How did that happen?’ Well, it’s been happening.”
What Bongino has done is become self-reliant in an era when Maoists run every corporation in America. He cannot be stopped by boycotts and denials of service.

He is Rush Limbaugh on steroids. His actions speak louder than words, and his words are pretty loud. Already he is No. 4 in the talk radio rankings, according to Talkers magazine.

Dan Bongino represents the epitome of everything the left fears.

In the beginning, the leftists laughed when Dan said he would build his own social media platform and his own YouTube. But, when he did that, they were scared and didn’t laugh anymore.

Keep it up, Dan!

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