Omicron Testing Scam And How It Gives Illusion Of More Cases! – David Icke!

Omicron is here!

Are you scared? Do you panic? The mainstream media is doing the best to terrify people.

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Yes, we do know that Omicron is more infectious than other variants. However, its symptoms are not severe. You won’t read this in a report from far-left outlets.

You see, these news outlets are making fun of you. They take advantage of your fear… Some people want to protect and treat themselves with Ivermectin and other cheap medication. The mainstream media mocked them, saying it’s a horse dewormer.

The FDA approved Ivermectin, but the mainstream media hasn’t said a word about it.

Check out this video. It offers information about the Omicron variant, the testing scam, and the destructive illusion.

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Source: The True Defender

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