OANN Catches Another Photo “Glitch” In The Joe And Kamala “Simulation”

A glitch in Biden Admin!

Everyone thinks that Biden Team is lazy with the cover-ups. I guess it’s the strangest administration ever!

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Jack Posobiec, OANN, noticed one glitch in tech Biden Matrix. The Kamala and Joe duo isn’t going so well, and their photos are reused from May!

Jack asked if it was staged because these two aren’t communicating very well.

It proves that the current admin doesn’t have material regarding Biden and Harris’s good relationship.

Twitter users, of course, commented on this issue.

“She is taking the dementia patient for a daily walk around the nursing home garden, Lol”

“What a joke, worst thing is they are doing it right in front of our eyes. I welcome any comments”

“He must think he still gets the summers off like he did when he was in the Senate.”

“This administration is a complete joke”

“They think the American people are stupid.”

“May, July-what’s the difference? Hell, I doubt he even knows what year or decade this is. You expect him to know the current MONTH?”

It is bizarre.

We have a president that reuses public photos!

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