NYC Mayor Eric Adams Indicates He’s Ready To Mandate COVID Jabs For Schoolchildren – ‘We’re Going To Do That’

This Sunday, NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams said that he supports the mandates of C-19 shots for schoolchildren if that is what the experts suggest.

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“You- you have the largest school district in the country in your city, of course, and you have been very clear you are keeping schools open,” CBS News host Margaret Brennan told Adams. “To do that, you’ve given out and N95 masks, required staff be vaccinated, everyone’s got to be masked. You’ve got air purifiers, you’ve routine screening, but you do not require a negative test before students return to the classroom. That’s something they’re doing here in the District of Columbia. Are you confident you can keep the level of transmission low?”

“You know, and it’s so important that you laid out the things that we put in place because COVID is a formidable and moving target, and we have to pivot and shift based on that,” Adams replied. “And our policies have been rooted in; I need my children in school. And if my medical professionals tell me, Eric, we have to do a mandated vaccine, we’re going to do that.”

“But right now, we have brought over 1.5 million tests in our schools, as you indicated, N95 masks as well as other resources and tools,” he added. “And we have been doing an amazing job because of one thing: coordination and communication with our UFT and other agencies involved, and I believe we’re doing the right thing for our children, having them in the safest place, and that is in a school building.”

Adams pushed the C-19 shots and claimed that “a child is four times more likely to be hospitalized if they’re not vaccinated. So, I am saying to my parents and the people of New York, get vaccinated and get booster shots.”

“We don’t have to feel helpless like the beginning of this virus in 2020, science and global communities came together,” he continued. “We now have the tools that we need. So, let’s empower ourselves with the vaccination and booster shots. If we do that, we will bring down those hospital rates, and that is what I’m encouraging parents to do.”

Adams and his liberals push the C-19 shots for children even though they know the children can’t get the shot and how it affects their health.

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