NY Post: DJ Posts Pics Of Obama’s Lavish Birthday Bash Before Being Forced To Delete Them

Barack Obama threw a party anyway

Obama tried to trim down the number of guests at his birthday party. He faced serious backlash and people criticized him for organizing a superspreader event.

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Well, the former President didn’t take a step back and enjoyed his party as if there was no virus.

So, the big party took place during the weekend on the Martha’s Vineyard. The Obama family owns a $12 million dollar waterfront mansion in the area.

Obama was supposed to have 700 guests, but decided to scale back the party. “Close friends and family.”


Online bully Chrissy Tiegen is not a close friend. She is not a family member.

I guess Obama’s effort to fool us backfired terribly.

A DJ at the party shared a few photos featuring a bunch of elitists who warn US citizens of the Delta variant. They seem to be really worried about the spreading of the “Deadly variant.”

Guess what… They forced him to delete the photos… Someone got you covered.

The New York Post reported that the performer took some photos of the party and shared it with his followers on Instagram.

Rapper Trap Beckham and manager TJ Chapman took some pics of the elite party. Food, drinks, details… The performer had to delete the photos under the event’s photography ban.

The recording artist and his handler were smoking cannabis and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Cocktails, alcohol, open bar…

It wasn’t a meat free event. There were steaks, chicken and shrimp served with rice, greens, and potatoes.

These people were really scared of the delta variant. Oh wait… Where are their facemasks?

Let’s talk about double standards. We saw this coming. Obama is not someone who follows the rules. But he really wants others to follow his rules. We all know what happened in the past.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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