Nolte: Whites Excluded, Illegal Aliens Qualify For Oakland’s $500 Month Payout Program

Libby Schaaf is under fire

Mayor Schaaf promised to offer minority families $500 per month. Of course, her program doesn’t include white families. She is more into helping illegal aliens.

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The Daily Mail reported that “an estimated 10,000 of Oakland’s 435,000 population are white residents who live in poverty,” but they won’t get a cent.

Here’s what people need to qualify for Nolte’s $500:

  • Families have to have at least one child
  • Their income must be at or below 50% of the median income
  • The program doesn’t include white families

What’s the excuse?

The Associated Press said, “white households in Oakland on average make about three times as much annually than black households.”

Illegal aliens can get $500 per month. According to Yahoo, Nolte’s $500 is not taxable “and undocumented and/or unsheltered individuals also qualify.”

Will white illegal aliens and white homeless people qualify to get the money? Do they have some sort of a racist ID?

Will Nolte give Asians money to survive? Maybe this will be one more hate crime against Asians.

There are white people who are both homeless and illegal aliens.

Oakland now claims the money arrived through a private fund. Democrats have been in charge of the city for 50 years. If there’s systemic racism in the city, Democrats should take a look in the mirror. That’s the answer to their racist claims.

The Daily Mail reports “Oakland’s homeless population rose by nearly 50 percent between 2017 and 2019.”

In 2020, Oakland had the highest murder rate in eight years and 102 people lost their lives.

In 2020, Oakland was named one of the most dangerous places to live in the US.

Excluding white families from the latest program will only fire up racial hate and racial division.

Oakland is dealing with violence, horrible school programs, racial tensions, riots, BLM… This is the final drop.

Vote for Democrats and you get to live in cities similar to Oakland.

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Source: Breitbart

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