NOBODY’S SAFE: We Have To Terminate COVID Jabs FOR GOOD!

Say “NO” to jabs!

Science supports you. Dems want you to be “woke.” Here’s what Stew Peters responds to this:

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“You’ve spent the last year hearing stories of extreme and deadly side effects from the Covid-19 shots. Dr. Jane Ruby gave us the remarkable information that a huge percentage of side effects tracked in the CDC’s VAERS database are linked to just a small percentage of the vaccine batches produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

This data came from a group calling itself Team Enigma. They’re a group of independent researchers with experience in medical R&D, statistics, data analytics, and everything else you’d need to investigate a vaccine’s impact on millions of people. And Team Enigma says, whatever else we know about the vaccines, something is clearly wrong, and it doesn’t appear to be accidental. The shots are deadly, and no vials are safe.

According to Team Enigma, the number of adverse events ranges from 1 to 662. The volatility in the bioweapon lots is more than ten times greater. This raises a lot of questions, if true. Is the manufacturing process for these brand-new vaccines flawed, causing there to be more room for error and tainted products? If that’s the case, are Pfizer and Moderna covering up the truth? Or are they not paying attention? Is anybody paying attention? Does anyone at the FDA care about safety or do they only care about jabbing as many people as quickly as they can?”

Check out the interview with Sasha Latypova, a retired business exec with great experience in pharmaceutical and medical device R&D who happens to have specialized in collecting and analyzing data from global clinical trials.

The video is available on Rumble.


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