No Vax? No Wifi: Colleges Deny Unvaccinated Students Wifi Without The Jab

Colleagues decided that they will be tzars, controlling who will be privileged due to their vaccine status, no matter if they have paid your tuition.

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For example, at Quinnipiac University, you can’t get wifi if you aren’t vaccinated!

You should put on sackcloth and ashes whenever a vaccinated individual gets close to you.

Below you can see what CNN reported:

Quinnipiac University officials are cracking down on students who have not met the university deadline for providing their Covid-19 vaccine information with fines and suspension of Wi-Fi access.

Quinnipiac’s email included a fee schedule for students who do not comply with the university’s vaccine requirement.

The university will fine students weekly for failing to provide their vaccine documentation, for a maximum of $2,275 for the semester, according to the email.

…“If a student still has not fulfilled the vaccination requirement by September 14, they will lose access to the Quinnipiac network and Wi-Fi,” said the email to students.

What can we expect now, unvaccinated people to get starved to death or beaten?

Americans spent 20 years in Afghanistan to free the Afghans from tyranny, but they were hiding, and now was the perfect timing.

We are fighting tyranny, communism, and Marxism abroad. We have it in our academic institutions and did nothing.

Now is the time to show its face.

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