NJ Senate President Refuses To Concede To Trucker Who Ran $153 Campaign, Says ‘12,000 Ballots Recently Found’ In One County

Bad guys don’t give up until they get things their way

Have you ever heard of Edward Durr? He is the trucker who had a great campaign against Democratic Senate president Steve Sweeney. Well, now he is adding fuel to the fire. The New Jersey Senate President picked up the same old tricks. Sweeney claims that “12,000 ballots were recently found” in one particular county. Are you biting into this one?

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“The results from Tuesday’s election continue to come in, for instance there were 12,000 ballots recently found in one county,” Sweeney said in a statement on Monday. “While I am currently trailing in the race, we want to make sure every vote is counted. Our voters deserve that, and we will wait for the final results.”

Sweeney refused to concede his race to the Democrat. He was down more than 2,000 votes to Durr before he said that 12,000 votes were found.

“Still, Sweeney has an extraordinarily narrow path to win a seventh term in the Senate,” the New Jersey Globe weighed in.

“So far, Durr is at 51.7% of the vote, 32,430 to 30,335,” the Globe says. “He leads Sweeney in Salem County by 2,581 votes, while Sweeney has narrower leads in Gloucester (419) and Cumberland (67).”

“Durr, a truck driver for the Raymour & Flanagan furniture store and a two-time unsuccessful Assembly candidate, spent just $153 on his campaign against Sweeney, the second-most powerful man in state government and the longest-serving legislative leader in New Jersey history,” the report notes.

“Sweeney’s possible defeat from the $153-dollar-man comes four years after the New Jersey Education Association spent $5 million to unseat him in a race that hit the $20 million mark,” the Globe adds.

Durr is also known as the $153-dollar-man. New Jersey hasn’t updated its campaign finance reporting. The man spent more than 153 and less than $10,000.

“You guys go in on the New Jersey Elect, obviously, and you find $153 filed. Well, that was back in May, June. That shows how behind New Jersey government is on keeping things updated,” Durr said.

The battle between Democrat Phil Murphy and Republican Jack Ciattarelli is still making headlines. The Republican candidate lost a 42,000 vote lead. What about the “discovery” of the 40,000 absentee votes in Bergen County? Yes, this happened after 100% of the votes were reported.

Ciattarelli won’t concede his race to Murphy.

“This race is far from over,” Ciattarelli said in a fundraising email. “Our team is making sure every legal vote is counted and the will of the people is heard loud and clear.”

Enter the voting machine malfeasance in the New Jersey gubernatorial race. About 56 voting machines went down on Election Day.

“Essex County Clerk Christopher Durkin says he has a lot of work ahead of him after the votes from 56 districts were not counted Tuesday night in the county,” News 12 reported.

“It’s a mix but they are mostly in Newark, in East Orange, Irvington, Maplewood, Montclair, the majority of those 56 districts,” says Durkin.

“Durkin says you can call it poll worker error,” News 12 reported. “There will be an investigation as to why it happened. He asks New Jersey residents not to jump to conclusions as to why the 56 voting machines were shut down last night without being counted first.”

“Those machines are at the polling places right now,” Durkin continued. “Those machines have to be brought back to the warehouse. A judge will issue an order for us to open those machines, retrieve the results and post those results.”

“But it doesn’t look like that will happen on Wednesday,” the report added.

“We need to compile a list of the results that are missing then need to schedule a hearing in front of a judge and then the judge issued the order and then we’re able to go and retrieve those results,” Durkin added.

Durkin reassured voters and said that “issues like this happen in every election in every county,” although this statement has the opposite effect. “The fact that it’s 56 voting machines in such a close race has obviously magnified this situation,” he said.

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The district results will be available by Thursday night.

“The sooner, the better,” Durkin added.

Murphy is projected to win the re-election but this fight is far from over. Ciattarelli won’t give up without a fight.

Murphy has less than 30,000 vote edge in a state that Joe Biden carried by 16 points. Ciattarelli may get the legitimate votes counted.

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