Nicholas Sandmann Terminates Lin Wood As Attorney

If you look at Nicholas Sandmann’s bio on Twitter then you already saw this coming.

Nicholas Sandmann the Kentucky teen who was notably misrepresented by CNN and the Washington Post has terminated his attorney Lin Wood.

Lin Wood helped Sandman win millions of dollars in settlements from CNN and the Washington Post.

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It seemed like Sandman was all smiles when Lin Wood was winning cases on Sandman’s behalf but things took a sour turn after Sandman called out Lin Wood on Twitter for Lin Wood’s comments on Mike Pence.

Reuters covered the story and dropped these details:

The teen, Nicholas Sandmann, terminated lawyer L. Lin Wood from the team representing him in a series of lawsuits that accuse media companies of inaccurately portraying the stand-off at the Lincoln Memorial on the day of a large anti-abortion protest.

“I have ended my lawyer-client relationship with Mr. Wood and no longer wish to be represented by him,” Sandmann said in an affidavit included in the court filings.

Wood did not immediately respond to a request for comment. He said in a Telegram post on Monday that McMurtry “is an excellent lawyer” and that “the best is yet to come” in Sandmann’s lawsuits.

“I did my best for him and am proud that I obtained settlements for him against mainstream media giants CNN and The Washington Post,” Wood said.

In a now-deleted tweet this is what started the crack in Sandman’s and Lin Wood’s relationship, here’s a screenshot of it:

Fox 19 News got the scoop too:

Nicholas Sandman has terminated attorney L. Lin Wood from his defense team.

Sandmann confirmed news reports of the firing Monday on Twitter.

“Lin Wood has been terminated as council at this time,” Sandmann wrote. “His comments about me are untrue, unfair, and unfounded.”

Wood, a high-profile lawyer based in Atlanta who also represents Kyle Rittenhouse, has come under recent scrutiny for extremist messages allegedly posted on social media.

The Twitter account @ParlerTakes purports to have screenshotted an image of a Parler post made by Wood during the violent Capitol protest: “Get the firing squads ready. [Vice President Mike] Pence goes FIRST.” Sandman later retweeted a quote tweet of the screenshot.

Earlier in the article, I stated if you have seen Sadmann’s bio on Twitter this news isn’t surprising, take a look why:

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Did you catch that?

He’s been helping Mitch McConnell get elected through a grassroots campaign.

If your helping sell-outs like McConnell get into office your definitely not going to want to be seen with Lin Wood because it might damage your reputation towards other Republican sell-outs.

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