Newsweek Editor-At-Large: What Should Afghan Women Do If US Gov’t Tries To Resettle Them To Texas?

The media isn’t in touch with the country, seeing how uncontrolled the MSM has become.

According to them, the Afghan women should return to Afghanistan and not be resettled in Texas.
Dems believe that the pro-life law is invasive and oppressive that it would be better for the woman to remain in Afghanistan. There, the women are killed if they show too much skin. Also, the women are uneducated, and they don’t know about equality.

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But, according to the Dems, Texas is bad for those women. Newsweek editor Naveed Jamali asked a question: If you’re an Afghan woman and they offer to resettle you in Texas, what do you do?

However, that’s not the worst part, and he defended the Taliban!

Also, according to his words, the Taliban even sounded better than the Republican Party. Even the Taliban is like, “we only use ivermectin on horses and not people.”

The only outlet that has picked up on this tweet was Twitchy. If anyone else wrote the tweet, it would have been bad, but not as bad as now, coming from an editor of a major publication: Newsweek.

Twitchy reported:

If you thought the CNN guest who wants President Biden to create a federal force of abortion providers and send them to Texas was an “out there” take, here’s a Newsweek editor-at-large and “Navy intel veteran” (according to his Twitter bio) taking Texas triggering to the next ridiculous level.

Oh, most certainly the woman would ask to be sent back to Afghanistan instead (cue mother of all eye rolls).

People on social media emphasized this hypocrisy:

Are the Dems under some drugs?


How is it possible for someone to think that it would be better if the Afghan women have stayed in Afghanistan than to go to Texas?


Do the Dems take our freedoms for granted?

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