NEW VIDEO: Washington, D.C. Empty And CRAWLING With Police

Richard Citizen Journalist is at it again

Fellows living in Washington D.C. can confirm this information, too. Washington D.C. has changed a lot in the past few months. The whole thing started in January. Things will never be the same again. Not until we bring Donald Trump back in the White House.

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Richard Citizen Journalist shared another shocking video to Telegram. The world got to see the real picture in D.C. What’s happening out there? Our dear friend has done an incredible job with his reportage. This video is probably one of the weirdest videos you will see this year.

Washington streets are empty… Well, not really… There are too many police cars, vans, trucks, and busses.

Vehicles are set outside the Department of the Treasury. Are you worried?

Richard Citizen Journalist went right to the spot and asked a few questions.

“Is someone robbing the United States Treasury?

You do know you work for the citizens of this country, right?”

There was no response…

All we heard was laughter…

These guys even flashed their lights at him.

Are we living in a police state?

Clif High said we’d witness a big event related to the US Treasury. This happened a few months ago.

We have already heard this one before.

Bo Polny said the same. He warned us all.

We have entered a week of shocking events in the country. This moment may be a shocker to us all.

You can watch it on Telegram and Rumble.

Trump warned us all, too. He was talking about the problems Biden’s presidency would cause. Here we are today, living in cities packed with police officers. This isn’t the life Biden promised. He lied to us. What a disgrace! Americans deserve better.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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