NEW Statement From President Donald J. Trump

Trump is among the greatest politicians and businessmen in the world in history!

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He is great at politics, so even though he is out of office, he’s still the center of all discussions there. Trump is excellent at making money and branding that only makes other people earn more money with his existence.

Among those persons is New York failure Letitia James.

She couldn’t become a NY governor, so she wants to make a name for herself with her ruthless and unjust witch hunt against Former President Donald Trump.

She’s a small fish in the pond, and she’s so useless that the only way to help herself is by feeding her with others.

What has she done? What products does she bring to the market? Oh, yes, she came only to see, to observe. She doesn’t offer something; she never buys something!

Like every other Trump critics, so and James are non-player characters! They can’t do anything to hurt Trump, and they can’t contribute to his success. They are invisible.

This is what Trump had to say about James:

MSNBC reported:

She announced her decision amid reports that her office is seeking to question former President Donald Trump under oath as part of its civil tax fraud investigation into the Trump Organization.

James has developed a national profile of her own by leading the most thorough investigation yet into Trump and his shady business dealings.

The Hill also covered this story:

The former president said New York City is “dying before our very eyes, and all the Democrat prosecutors are focused on is how we can get and punish Donald Trump, who many would say has done, over the years, a spectacular job for New York!”

Trump also took a hit at James in the statement for suspending her campaign for governor against Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) in what James said was a “move to focus on her current position.”

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