New Report On Biden May Be Biggest Clue Yet That He Might Have “Dementia”

Biden promised that he would be a President of unity and stand for the ordinary people. He promised that every person who would work under him and degraded or bulled other staff members would be fired. 

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However, people say many things, and while the media presented him as the ‘’perfect’’ President, the reality is different. The latest reports show that the President snaps at his staff members, and in some intense situations, he even curses them. 

According to the New York Times, Biden Admin did its best for people to love Biden. But, we have one problem, Biden barely has some loveable traits. You can start with the way he treats the staff members. 

When Biden is confused or lost in a conversation, he snaps at people. He has been shouting, ‘’Let’s talk plain English here’‘ during one meeting. Also, if he thinks that you are worthless to hear, he will hang up and continue with his routine. 

I have experience with people struggling with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, and I can tell you that his ‘’angry outbursts’’ are something that I have seen before. 

Below you can see what the common Dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms are. 

‘’People with dementia often have difficulty communicating with others. They forget words and lose the ability to focus on the conversation. These symptoms can be frustrating and subsequently lead to an outburst of anger.’’

If we sum up all the ‘’symptoms’’ that Biden has shown in public, we can conclude that he isn’t mentally stable. Of course, I am not a doctor, and I am not diagnosing anything. 

Here we are only highlighting something that people are already asking! Everyone can see what’s happening! What Biden shows in front of the public isn’t normal for a mentally healthy person. 

Moreover, even this report is weird considering that Biden said that all those who won’t treat people with kindness and respect would get fired. 

However, this is not the end of the New York Times article. Biden finds it very difficult to make a decision. He second-guesses himself and often leaves his unsolved problems on hold. 

Some people will say that we share this article to ruin Biden’s reputation. No, it isn’t like that. You can take a look at the way he treats ordinary people. 

We shared one video with you. There, Biden meets with Detroit auto workers. One of the employees asks for his opinion on the second amendment, but the thing that follows represents a tantrum covered with profanity. 

Moreover, if you have forgotten the incident with the farmer’s question about Biden’s son dealing with a particular gas company, you have it below. Biden calls the farmer offending names like fat, old, and liar. 

It is no surprise that more than 120 retired generals inked their names on a letter that questions Biden’s mental health. 

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