New Poll Proves Pelosi’s January 6 Agenda Is Toast

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Pelosi’s efforts to persecute the January 6 Capitol riot were ruined with cold water.

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Seven long months have passed since the event, and the Dems are doing their best to convict the Trump supporters, even though there has been no other riot since then.

Rasmussen’s poll confirms that Americans have witnessed enough of the left’s desperate crusade against the event, and they want to investigate the BLM and Antifa protests from one year ago.

Newsmax shared that during House Leaders who engaged in a standoff over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 panel, one poll shared that the voters are more supportive of investigating the social injustice demonstrations that harassed the nation.

The majority of the voters, 66%, want the BLM and Antifa protests to be under investigation, but the majority don’t support Pelosi’s inquiry into the January 6 riot, shared the latest Rasmussen Reports poll.

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Only 49% support Pelosi’s panel, and the majority of Blacks and Hispanics back an investigation into the protests that happened after Floyd’s death.

“Sixty-seven percent of whites, 64% of Black voters, 66% of Hispanics and 62% of other minorities think Congress should investigate the 2020 riots in U.S. cities,” Rasmussen reports analyzed. “Seventy-five percent of Republicans, 60% of Democrats, and 63% of voters not affiliated with either major party say Congress should investigate last year’s violent protests.”

The poll shared that most of the voters supported the police and reject the narrative of racism in law enforcement.

This is a headshot for Pelosi!

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