New Documents Reveal Bill Gates Gave $319 Million To Control Media Narrative.

Trump classifies the MSM and the people’s enemy, and he has a good reason. You cannot go through a commercial break without a propaganda advertisement.

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The MSM are even worse with their fake journalism coming from the leftists.

We all asked who, in fact, funded the propaganda, and now, we don’t have to wonder anymore. New Mint Press

News receipts shared that Bill Gates donated hundreds of millions of dollars to specific media outlets.
The funds came from a guy who talks of taking GMOs and shooting them ‘’right into kids’ veins.’’

With all the details we have about Bill Gates, the story that he attempts to shame is favoring his favorite self-interest, depopulation.

Check this out:

Journalists left Bill Gates alone until his divorce, assuming he was a philanthropic computer nerd.

Alan Macleod from Mint Press News got the documents that show another story, completely the opposite. After reviewing the 30,000 grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s website database, Macleod revealed donations to media outlets globally!!!

NPR topped the list at $24,6 million, followed by $12,9 million to the UK’s Guardian. Seattle’s Cascade public

Media that owns KCTS-TV, got $10.8 million. Other outlets that got direct grants from Gates are Univision, The Conversation, Education Week, De Spiegel, NBC Universal Media, BBC, and Al-Jezeera.

The money was for ‘’issues close to the Gates’ hearts.’’ They gave CNN a grant for $3.6 million for gender equality.

Mint Press News reported:

NPR- $24,663,066

The Guardian (including $12,951,391   

Cascade Public Media – $10,895,016

Public Radio International ( $7,719,113

The Conversation- $6,664,271

Univision- $5,924,043

Der Spiegel (Germany)- $5,437,294       

Project Syndicate- $5,280,186

Education Week – $4,898,240

WETA- $4,529,400

NBCUniversal Media- $4,373,500

Nation Media Group (Kenya) – $4,073,194

Le Monde (France)- $4,014,512

Bhekisisa (South Africa) – $3,990,182

El País – $3,968,184

BBC- $3,668,657

CNN- $3,600,000   

KCET- $3,520,703

Population Communications International ( – $3,500,000

The Daily Telegraph – $3,446,801

Chalkbeat – $2,672,491   

The Education Post- $2,639,193

Rockhopper Productions (U.K.) – $2,480,392

Corporation for Public Broadcasting – $2,430,949

UpWorthy – $2,339,023

Financial Times – $2,309,845

The 74 Media- $2,275,344

Texas Tribune- $2,317,163

Punch (Nigeria) – $2,175,675

News Deeply – $1,612,122

The Atlantic- $1,403,453

Minnesota Public Radio- $1,290,898

YR Media- $1,125,000

The New Humanitarian- $1,046,457

Sheger FM (Ethiopia) – $1,004,600

Al-Jazeera- $1,000,000

ProPublica- $1,000,000

Crosscut Public Media – $810,000

Grist Magazine- $750,000

Kurzgesagt – $570,000

Educational Broadcasting Corp – $506,504

Classical 98.1 – $500,000

PBS – $499,997

Gannett – $499,651

Mail and Guardian (South Africa)- $492,974

Inside Higher Ed.- $439,910

BusinessDay (Nigeria) – $416,900 – $412,000   

Nutopia- $350,000

Independent Television Broadcasting Inc. – $300,000

Independent Television Service, Inc. – $300,000

Caixin Media (China) – $250,000

Pacific News Service – $225,000

National Journal – $220,638

Chronicle of Higher Education – $149,994

Belle and Wissell, Co. $100,000

Media Trust – $100,000

New York Public Radio – $77,290

KUOW – Puget Sound Public Radio – $5,310


The Gates Foundation donated more than $60 million to charities aligned with prominent media outlets.

Many examples include over $50 million to BBC Action and over $9 million to MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation.

The better shape the media to align with Gates’ favorite story, he underwrites a network of investigative journalism centers. The donations reach a figure higher than $38 million, half going to the DC International Center for Journalists.

Mint Press News released:

International Center for Journalists- $20,436,938

Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (Nigeria) – $3,800,357

The Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting – $2,432,552

Fondation EurActiv Politech – $2,368,300

International Women’s Media Foundation – $1,500,000

Center for Investigative Reporting – $1,446,639

InterMedia Survey institute – $1,297,545

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – $1,068,169

Internews Network – $985,126

Communications Consortium Media Center – $858,000

Institute for Nonprofit News – $650,021

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies- $382,997

Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism (Nigeria)  – $360,211

Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies – $254,500

Global Forum for Media Development (Belgium) – $124,823

Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting – $100,000

In addition to this, the Gates Foundation also plies press and journalism associations with cash, to the tune of at least $12 million. For example, the National Newspaper Publishers Association — a group representing more than 200 outlets — has received $3.2 million.

The list of these organizations includes:

Education Writers Association – $5,938,475

National Newspaper Publishers Association – $3,249,176

National Press Foundation- $1,916,172

Washington News Council- $698,200

American Society of News Editors Foundation – $250,000

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press- $25,000

This brings our running total up to $216.4 million.

The foundation also puts up the money to directly train journalists all over the world, in the form of scholarships, courses and workshops. Today, it is possible for an individual to train as a reporter thanks to a Gates Foundation grant, find work at a Gates-funded outlet, and to belong to a press association funded by Gates. This is especially true of journalists working in the fields of health, education and global development, the ones Gates himself is most active in and where scrutiny of the billionaire’s actions and motives are most necessary.

Gates Foundation grants pertaining to the instruction of journalists include:

Johns Hopkins University – $1,866,408

Teachers College, Columbia University- $1,462,500

University of California Berkeley- $767,800       

Tsinghua University (China) – $450,000

Seattle University – $414,524

Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies – $254,500   

Rhodes University (South Africa) – $189,000

Montclair State University- $160,538

Pan-Atlantic University Foundation – $130,718

World Health Organization – $38,403

The Aftermath Project- $15,435

The BMGF also pays for a wide range of specific media campaigns around the world. For example, since 2014 it has donated $5.7 million to the Population Foundation of India in order to create dramas that promote sexual and reproductive health, with the intent to increase family planning methods in South Asia. Meanwhile, it alloted over $3.5 million to a Senegalese organization to develop radio shows and online content that would feature health information. Supporters consider this to be helping critically underfunded media, while opponents might consider it a case of a billionaire using his money to plant his ideas and opinions into the press.

Media projects supported by the Gates Foundation:

European Journalism Centre – $20,060,048

World University Service of Canada – $12,127,622

Well Told Story Limited – $9,870,333

Solutions Journalism Inc.- $7,254,755   

Entertainment Industry Foundation – $6,688,208   

Population Foundation of India- $5,749,826 –

Participant Media – $3,914,207

Réseau Africain de l’Education pour la santé- $3,561,683

New America – $3,405,859

AllAfrica Foundation – $2,311,529

Steps International – $2,208,265

Center for Advocacy and Research – $2,200,630

The Sesame Workshop – $2,030,307

Panos Institute West Africa – $1,809,850        

Open Cities Lab – $1,601,452   

Harvard university – $1,190,527

Learning Matters – $1,078,048

The Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center- $981,631

Thomson Media Foundation- $860,628

Communications Consortium Media Center – $858,000

StoryThings- $799,536

Center for Rural Strategies – $749,945

The New Venture Fund – $700,000   

Helianthus Media – $575,064   

University of Southern California- $550,000

World Health Organization- $530,095

Phi Delta Kappa International – $446,000

Ikana Media – $425,000

Seattle Foundation – $305,000

EducationNC – $300,000

Beijing Guokr Interactive – $300,000   

Upswell- $246,918

The African Academy of Sciences – $208,708   

Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation (SMART) – $201,781

Bay Area Video Coalition- $190,000

PowHERful Foundation – $185,953

PTA Florida Congress of Parents and Teachers – $150,000   

ProSocial – $100,000   

Boston University – $100,000

National Center for Families Learning – $100,000   

Development Media International – $100,000

Ahmadu Bello University- $100,000

Indonesian eHealth and Telemedicine Society – $100,000

The Filmmakers Collaborative – $50,000

Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia Inc. – $25,000   

SIFF – $13,000

Total donations from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are approximately $319.4 million, but the actual number is much higher.

The Blaze reported:

Macleod noted that the list does not take into account sub-grants, which are monies given by recipients to media across the globe.

“While the Gates Foundation fosters an air of openness about itself, there is actually precious little public information about what happens to the money from each grant, save for a short, one- or two-sentence description written by the foundation itself on the website,” he continued. “Only donations to press organizations themselves or projects that could be identified from the information on the Gates Foundation’s website as media campaigns were counted, meaning that thousands of grants having some media element do not appear in this list.”

Macleod pointed out that the foundation’s partnership with media empire ViacomCBS is the perfect illustration.

ViacomCBS, which controls programming for CBS News, Nickelodeon, BET, and more, was reportedly a Gates Foundation beneficiary in exchange for “[inserting] information and PSAs into its programming and that Gates had intervened to change storylines in popular shows like ER and Law & Order SVU.”

“However, when checking BMGF’s grants database, ‘Viacom’ and ‘CBS’ are nowhere to be found, the likely grant in question (totaling over $6 million) merely describing the project as a ‘public engagement campaign aimed at improving high school graduation rates and postsecondary completion rates specifically aimed at parents and students,’ meaning that it was not counted in the official total,” Macleod explained.

Everyone has to stop regarding Gates as an altruistic philanthropist. He may believe he owns the world, but he can’t walk down the street where people know his dark side.

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