New “Beach” Photo Of Joe And Jill Sparks Lots Of Confusion And Suspicion

The Biden administration is the worst, the most confusing, and confliction admin America has ever had. There isn’t continuity and consistent messaging coming from his campaign. He is all over the map, saying one thing today and doing the contrary tomorrow.

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People can’t trust him. The C-19 had a massive failure only because Biden didn’t do anything but send mixed signals and confuse the people. He said that if people get vaccinated, C-19 will vanish, but that was false.

Biden silence was the most confusing thing when we speak about confusing people. Jill and her new PR stunt –dog commander, have many people left confused and asking what are they doing?

The Bidens had a photographer with them while walking on the beach with the new dog. They left their Major and took another one. People thought that they used dogs as props, not as living beings.

Both of them are triple vaccinated, and why does Biden wear a mask and Jill isn’t?
Is this an example of science?

Biden coughed a lot, and maybe that’s the reason why he wears a mask.

This is what people commented:

“Why does he have a mask on ?”

“If they can’t control their first dog, what makes them think they should ditch it and get another ? Dogs aren’t for Christmas or for photo ops”

“Sad. Masked, outside on cold beach after shots and booster . He’s lost”

“This photo says: “Joe is so sickly and frail that he needs to wear a mask outside, while his younger wife is stronger and healthier, and doesn’t need a mask.”

“Wearing a mask on an empty beach. Wow.”

“Imagine if Biden cared about America like he did his PR dog.”

“Mask on, mask off…all theater, no science.”

“I think Joe is sicker than they let on. I don’t think he’s healthy”

“And, how much did it cost to redirect and park a Coast Guard ship off of that beach?”

“Why is the dog not wearing a mask?? Dogs can still get and spread covid, vaccinated or not LOL”

It makes zero sense!

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