NBC News Says If You Go To The Gym You Should Wear A Face Mask In The Shower

What’s that again?

NBC News has some amusing advice for gym visitors: “You should wear your mask in the shower.”

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NBC News reported on directions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for American people to wear masks and to be distancing themselves in gyms. The CDC pointed out a study of a Chicago gym last summer. The study concentrated on 81 people who worked out at the gym facility. The study discovered coronavirus cases were found in 68% of gym visitors.

The article from NBC News gives tips on working out at the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as exercising at home or outdoors, disinfecting equipment, washing your hands, and wearing a face mask in the shower. Just a moment. What was that last one?

“It’s best to avoid the showers if possible, since you can’t get masks wet — otherwise they lose their efficacy. If you need to shower at the gym, shower as quickly as possible and only remove your mask when your face and head is going to get wet.”

There doesn’t appear to be any place that wearing face masks in the shower is mentioned on the CDC website. The government health agency suggests:

“Be prepared to not use the locker room in order to reduce the risk of being in close proximity to others in a small space. Arrive in work-out clothes and shower at home to avoid using shared locker room and bathrooms.”

What’s interesting, the article is in the “Wellness” section of NBC News and offering advice on important health issues about the lethal coronavirus, the article intended to earn money from selling face masks to readers. There were retail links for dozens of face coverings, water bottles, reusable straws, and a yoga mat. NBC News makes a profit from these related links if readers buy something.

A disclaimer in the article called “CDC updates: Wear a mask while exercising indoors at gyms” notes:

“Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.”

Despite offering health advice about coronavirus, the article was not written by one of NBC News’ health writers. It is written by “a digital editorial intern for NBC News Shopping” instead.

In fact, NBC News sold products to its readers in an article that gives significant COVID-19 information from the CDC.

Shower with a mask or no mask, you should keep going to the gym and work out, considering that a new study discovered that 90% of COVID-19 deaths happened in countries with high obesity levels.

The article also advises wearing double masks, which was suggested by Dr. Anthony Fauci in January.

Glenn Beck took Dr. Fauci’s recommendation of wearing multiple masks even to further distances.

President Joe Biden has stated that Americans will have to wear face masks until 2022, even though he previously said that until April we will not have to wear them anymore.

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Source: NBC News 

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