NASCAR Just Made Their Official Move Against “Let’s Go Brandon” Driver

It is a matter of time when WOKE NASCAR will go after the Let’s Go Brandon driver, Brandon Brown.

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Everything began when Brandon embraced the Let’s Go Brandon moniker and said that the new Crypto Currency, “LGBcoin’’ would be the new sponsor. It was an intelligent move by Mr. Brown. NASCAR fans are Trump supporters and Biden haters.

NASCAR doesn’t feel the same way. Even though they gave a green light on the deal behind the scenes, NASCAR officials sing another tune.

The Daily Wire shared that NASCAR reviewed a deal from last week between Brandon Brown and cryptocurrency meme LGBcoin, which stands for Let’s Go, Brandon.

“According to Max Marcucci, a spokesperson for Brown’s team, NASCAR gave the team written approval on the sponsorship and paint scheme late last year and said the team went through the usual sponsorship approval process,” CNN reported. “Marcucci said NASCAR called following the announcement and acknowledged to the team that it had received approval and ‘apologized for any confusion and miscommunication,’ but said that the deal “needs to be reviewed at a higher level.”

NASCAR spokesperson said that the Brown team jumped the gun and announced the partnership before NASCAR could even review it.

Fox Business added: ‘’ In a statement provided by Marcucci, Brandonbilt Motorsports received approval on the sponsors from a NASCAR Racing Operations official on Dec. 26.’’

The statement shared that the approval of the partnership was unambiguous as the opening portion of the email was “The sponsors are approved….”

The statement tells us that the officials offered feedback on a minor graphic design change “to ensure legibility on the track at 170mph.’’

“We will continue to work with NASCAR and look forward to resolving this matter and clearing the air as soon as possible,” the statement reads.

NASCAR will face political pressure to ensure LGB isn’t on Brandon’s car.

We will see what happens…

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