Nancy Pelosi Gets Utterly Roasted Live On Air On Australian Television; The World Is Laughing At Us [VIDEOS]

Oh, my, oh my God. I know. I mean, with so many people, are those are the best three they can come up with as the hilarious thing… look what they said about the previous administration...”

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The world knows that Biden can’t lead America, and Harris as a second person isn’t some combination. What can you do? Impeach?

If America eliminates Biden from the WH, we will get Kamala Harris for president, which won’t be much better.

Andrew Bolt said: “If Biden can’t go on, yes, he’d be replaced by Harris. But next in line for the leadership hierarchy is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Who’s what 81 or something? Can you explain to me what Nancy Pelosi with her amazing, even with the help of her amazing arm movements, which are just so distracting. What she’s actually saying in this briefing to journalists last week…”

“We’re sending stuff over to the Senate. Most of the product that we’ve done is set now. We may have added in the last hour or so. And some of what we added a Senate to they’ll like a hearing. Bernie doesn’t like hearing. Excuse me, Bernie loves hearing mentioned his doesn’t want hearing in the bill. So somebody sent oriented and then we had the family medically, we figured if they’re putting things in, then we can put something if even if Manchin doesn’t like it. So umm, we are getting some bird and privilege. I think I think mostly we’re getting privilege scrub because privilege scrub is deadly to a bill bird ball. It’s important is you have to take it out. But privilege violation can take you out.” – Nancy Pelosi

Andrew Bolt: That’s just hypnotic, Daisy. America’s got 330 million people it ends up with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi 1, 2, 3 in the leadership, explain this.

Daisy Cousens: Oh, my, oh my god. I know. I mean, what so many people have, those are the best three they can come up with as the hilarious thing. Andrew, look what they said about the previous administration. They said that Trump was horrible and that he was crazy, and then he was racist, and that he was a terrible leader. And he said all of these awful things, and they peddled just complete fake news and fake stories about him. They promised that they would do better, and they would be the adults in the room, and everything would be just normal and lovely when they got into power. And now they’ve got into power. And rather than improving on Trump, you’ve got a president who is completely off with the Pixies. You got a vice president who the very best thing about her is that she can do a bad French accent.

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