Nancy Pelosi Drunk Again? Confused & Slurring During Out Of Touch Speech On Biden’s Gas Price Crisis [VIDEO]

Not so long ago, Putin invaded Ukraine, justifying the attack by saying he was fighting Nazism. Before this, in America, the gas prices started soaring, and after the invasion, it reached over $4 per gallon as the national average.

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Americans waited for the Biden administration to give them answers, but Biden confessed everything happened because of Putin, and there was nothing he could do at that time.

The story continued until both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer blamed the oil companies for the soaring prices of gas. They attempted to convince the Americans that the Democrats weren’t responsible for this problem.

However, Pelosi has been caught stumbling across DC; she broke her mandate for a haircut. In the video below, Pelosi attempted to relay that the people aren’t mad at the Dems but at the companies.


She said, “I don’t think the public is blaming Democrats, I think they’re blaming the oil companies. They will blame all of us if we don’t do something about the fossil fuel industry.”

She added, “I don’t think what you say is making very much sense, frankly. I mean, in all fairness, we’re friends. Candor is part of our friendship.”

Online users wrote, “Skeletor should have been gone many years ago, but due to voting fraud her stinking ass is still there.”

“Drunk on vodka and power.” Another added.

One admitted, “When she passes away, she will be honored with praise about being a woman in the position of speaker; in reality, Pelosi ruined our nation.”

However, this isn’t the first attack on oil companies; Schumer stated, “Big oil companies are using both these issues – price gouging [and] market manipulation – to cash in. Oil companies last year made record profits on these tragedies, almost like vultures. We have the Ukraine tragedy. We have the COVID tragedy. Do they try to make things better? No, they come in and make record profits. And what are they doing with those profits? This is what outrages me. Stock buybacks that don’t improve a thing.”

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